The Railway Hotel : A Tudorbethan Tradegdy.

Here I am again, trying desperately to bring the plight of this forlorn building to peoples’ attention. The Grade Two listed Railway Hotel on Station Road, Edgware, in North West London. This magnificent ‘Tudorbethan’ structure built for the London brewers, Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, in 1930, sits in what seems a constant purgatory. Closed in 2008, and passing through as many as nine owners since, it has still not been put back into use. Now, before someone says, “Ah yeah, but you know…,Covid?”, that is not a reasonable excuse. It is once again up for let, this despite a promise to be repurposed into a ‘venue’ nearly two years ago. Then, work had been undertaken, the outside given a makeover, and also inside.

The Railway Hotel frontage, December 2020 (Author)

Time and time again, whenever this fine building is brought to the attention of both Historic England, and the local authority, Barnet London Borough, assurances are given that it’s value is assured and it is safe. Years have passed, and I have droned on endlessly through Twitter using the hashtag #RailwayHotelEdgware. I have done a petition, and even done two videos with the kind assistance of Roger Tichborne of Barneteye. All to no avail. I got to the point as with many people who care too much, when I effectively gave up. No doubt those individuals who have no interest in the building, or indeed what is left of Edgware’s built heritage, were delighted, that seemingly I had finally shut up. One only has to look at the horrendous apartment tower block going up currently next to the older Premier House to see what the future will look like for the town. The past saw Edgware as a 1920’s ‘Metroland’ haven on the end of the Northern Line, where Tudorbethan and Neo-Georgian buildings went up, and the only tall building was the Ritz cinema. With this year seeing the Broadwalk shopping centre sold to developers, it is very likely more high density apartment complexes with be going up.

The Railway Hotel (and me) made the front page of the Times once again in 2019
Fly-tipping beside the Railway Hotel, December 2020 (Author)

So, what made me knock out another piece of florid prose? Well, I felt it was overdue, that and seeing the appearance of fly-tipping at the front and rear of the building. This is the first worrying sign of serious and wilful neglect, and it seems to being going unnoticed by the owner , Barnet Council, and Historic England.

So, I am asking that people who do care about this building and buildings of its type to contact Barnet Council, Historic England and whoever else can actually get something done. At least get the place tidied up and secured properly, but better still , give this wonderful building a role. It is an heritage asset, and Edgware Town Centre has precious few of those.

The rear of The Railway Hotel, where the neglect is self evident (Author)

So there I will leave it , but please do have a look at the two videos that Roger Tichborne produced, with yours truly yabbering on.

….and then we have a previous piece I wrote on this blog

3 thoughts on “The Railway Hotel : A Tudorbethan Tradegdy.

  1. As far as I am aware the building is currently owned by Milegate Ltd as these links point out –
    I believe the same company owned/owns the following nearby- the Masons Arms, The Change of Hart and eh old Royal Oak/Landsdown pub in Burnt Oak, (which burnt down a few years back and is currently a used car lot).
    So that is probably where you need to ask first I guess, that or Barnet Council or the Land Registry.


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