Time-shift Shop



On the outskirts of Harrow lies Belmont, an area of housing and a shopping parade built in the 1930’s.  Up until the mid-1960’s it also had a railway station. Its most remarkable feature is the circular parade of shops with a nicely planted roundabout. It also has a shop which seems to have been frozen in time.

In an age where retailers like unusual names, this shop does what it’s called – ‘Shoe Repairs & Sundries’. Its frontage looks like it dropped through a time portal.


A few years ago I decided to go in, my curiosity eventually got the better of me. I was greeted by a couple who have run the shop for many years, and they were quite happy to have a chat.

The frontage is really fascinating, despite it’s slightly shabby look. the curved decoration is pure art deco.



As wonderful as the shop is , I have to wonder how long it will last, and my fear is that it will be modernised one day. So if anyone reading who can ensure it will be looked after , please do what you can.


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